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The doctors at Belmont Eye are passionate about helping patients with dry eye disease. When left untreated, dry eye disease can eventually lead to severely debilitating symptoms affecting everyday life, including loss of vision. Early intervention is key in managing the disease. She works hard to educate and collaborate with her patients.

We believe that every patient deserves a customized treatment plan.

At Belmont Eye we offer the following treatments that can be tailored to your needs:

  • TempSure Envi
  • Ocular hygiene
  • Everyday best practices education
  • Nutritional Support
  • Medications (Topical, Nasal, and Oral) to treat inflammatory dry eye
  • Lid Debridement
  • Zocular Zest Lid and Meibomian Gland Cleaning
  • Punctal Plugs/Tear Savers
  • Amniotic Membranes
  • Autologous Serum Drops
  • Scleral Lenses
  • Radio Frequency


PROKERA® by BioTissue

Patients with moderate to severe dry eye may have persistent damage to the corneal surface. These patients will likely benefit from treatment with a PROKERA® Amniotic Membrane. Donated amniotic tissue is held in place over the cornea with a small ring for several days. This tissue promotes corneal healing and can keep even severely dry eyes comfortable for months after removal. To learn more about PROKERA® Amniotic Membrane, check out the information below.


Amniotic Membrane Bio D

BioDOptix® amniotic extracellular matrix is a dehydrated membrane allograft derived from human amniotic tissue that is intended for use in ocular tissue repair. Human amniotic membrane has been used to treat a variety of wounds for over 100 years. Research has shown that placental tissues can promote new tissue formation, reduce scar tissue formation, modulate inflammation and pain found in dry eye and may have antimicrobial effects.


Frequently Asked Questions

PROKERA®  is a therapeutic device used by eye doctors around the world to protect, repair and heal damaged eye surfaces. PROKERA® is made by fastening a piece of amniotic membrane to a polycarbonate ring.

PROKERA® allows for easy insertion and removal of the device in your doctor’s office. When PROKERA® is placed on your eye, it will aid in healing, minimize scarring, and decrease inflammation and related pain.

Ask your eye doctor for more details about using PROKERA® to treat your eye surface condition.

Helps the eye heal: The amniotic membrane tissue in PROKERA® has natural therapeutic actions that help damaged eye surfaces heal. Eyes treated with PROKERA® have quicker healing, less scarring, and less inflammation and related pain.

Protects the eye surface: The amniotic membrane in PROKERA® is thin like the tissue on the surface of your eye and protects your eye’s damaged tissue while inserted.

Amniotic membrane is part of the placenta. It is the tissue closest to the baby throughout development in the womb. Amniotic membrane protects the baby from any harm and it has natural therapeutic actions which help the baby develop. This tissue has healing properties that aid in ocular surface repair.

PROKERA® is used by eye doctors all over the world to treat eye diseases such as keratitis, corneal scars, chemical burns, corneal defects, partial limbal stem cell deficiency and many other ocular surface diseases with inflammation.

PROKERA® is a safe, effective treatment provided by an FDA regulated tissue bank. The tissue has passed numerous quality control tests before it is provided to your doctor. Ask your doctor if you have questions about using PROKERA® to treat your condition.



A daily drop with uplifting results UPNEEQ is the first and only FDA-approved eyedrop for acquired blepharoptosis (droopy eyelid) in adults.
If droopy eyelids have affected your vision or appearance and surgery isn’t an option for you, talk to us about UPNEEQ. Many patients have noticed results in as little as 2 hours.

Look younger and see better. Droopy eyelids can interfere with daily tasks like reading, computer use, and driving. Droopy eyelids can even cause you to tilt your head back just to look up.

UPNEEQ is a topical treatment that lifts droopy eyelids with just a single eye drop applied daily.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to see if UPNEEQ can help you look younger and see better.

Eyelid Cleaning

Zocular Zest

Who it’s for:
Perfect for anyone with itching or teary eyes, blepharitis, or those who regularly use lash extensions.

What to Expect:
Lay back and relax to some soothing spa music while we perform a thorough cleaning of the lid margin and lashes using the Zocular ZEST kit made with micellar okra complex to gently lift and clear oil, debris, and any residue on the eyelid margins and lashes. The procedure requires no downtime and you can enjoy the immediate results of cool, refreshed eyelids. Results can be maintained with an at-home daily lid hygiene routine designed by Dr. Mota and Dr. McNutt.

Dry Eye

Punctal Plug

The idea behind punctal plugs is simple. Tiny, dissolvable or non-dissolvable plugs are inserted into your tear drainage ducts (puncta is the opening to the drainage canal) where they act as a dam. Whatever tears you do have now have no other direction go except to stay onto the surface of your eyes enhancing your lubrication. By blocking these drains, more natural infection-fighting tears bathe and soothe the eye, which may either lower your need to use eye drops, or eliminate the need for eye drops altogether.

Punctal Plugs can also reduce or eliminate the major cause of contact lens discomfort.

TempSure Envi



TempSure Envi is a non-invasive treatment that targets fine lines and wrinkles on the face. As we age, the body’s production of collagen slows down causing a loss of elasticity and firmness. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines form.

For Dry Eye (Blocked Oil Glands) TempSure Envi delivers energy to the oil and tear glands around your eyes, boosting your body’s own natural healing responses deep beneath the skin so you will be able to create more of your own tears and restore your optimal eye surface to reduce irritation.

I have been dealing with dry eye for years. I felt like my eyes were faucets constantly leaking. After 3 sessions of the Tempsure therapy, my watery eyes are almost never a problem-even during allergy season!! ” – Emily W.

Marie Claire called it a “Non-Surgical, Completely Painless, 20-Minute Face Lift”


Most patients begin to see results shortly after the first treatment. 

Dr. Rachael Wruble’s medical-grade skincare line:


Schedule a consult with medical aesthetician Erika Lowery to discuss your skincare.

TempSure Envi

How Does TempSure Envi Work?

Using safe, powerful, and highly effective radiofrequency energy, our treatment gently delivers a therapeutic level of heat to the delicate tissue surrounding the eye. This heat signals your body to reboot its natural healing processes, which in turn helps to boost collagen to tighten the skin around the eyes, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, drooping eyelids, under-eye bags, and providing relief from your dry eye symptoms.

TempSure Envi

What to Expect

TempSure is safe and can be performed on all skin types and levels of sun exposure, so it can be performed year-round. Treatments typically last 30-45 minutes depending upon treatment area. During treatment, you will experience a warming sensation around the treated area(s). 

After the treatment you may experience a slight redness of the treated area which is caused by the raised temperature of the skin during the procedure. This subsides quickly and will be able to return to your normal routine immediately following treatment. 

You’ll see some tightening effects after your first treatment, but the real results are noticeable after four to six weeks. For best results, a series of treatments is recommended. Because every patient is different, the optimal number of treatments may vary.  

TempSure Envi

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